What to Do During a Weekend Trip to Virginia Beach

We would all love to spend more than a weekend at the beach, but thankfully you can pack a lot of sunny fun into two or three days at Virginia Beach. Once you’ve tanned on the sand, do some exploring in this popular and fun-filled beach town. Whether you want to enjoy the nightlife or interact with the wildlife, Virginia Beach has activities that will appeal to you.

Take a Dolphin Kayak Tour

Paddle into the Atlantic in a kayak, to waters where dolphins, turtles, and other beautiful marine animals often swim. Even if you’ve never been on a kayak, getting the hang of navigating these sleek boats is simple, and you’ll be with a guide who can direct you if you have trouble. Seeing a dolphin in person is a majestic experience that you’ll remember for years. Don’t be surprised if you want to go back the next day.

Explore the Boardwalk

Image via Flickr by Tobyotter

This 3-mile-long boardwalk is full of fun daytime activities for Virginia Beach visitors, and it’s a convenient spot forĀ Virginia Beach hotels, too. Take an athletic afternoon to go bike riding or rollerblading down the designated boardwalk path. Walk the fishing pier to see talented people catch Atlantic fish, or look out for street entertainers busking for your amusement. Food and souvenirs line the boardwalk, so stop for a treat or buy a few mementos of your time at the beach.

Visit Cape Henry Lighthouse

Virginia Beach has the honor of housing one of the oldest lighthouses in the United States. The Cape Henry Lighthouse was built in the late 1700s, and now it’s open to the public as a historic landmark. Climb to the top of the lighthouse as long as it’s not too hot. The nonprofit that cares for the lighthouse closes the interior if the temperature inside reaches 125 degrees. The dunes and the museum shop are always open for exploration.

Go Ghost Crabbing

Take the kids hunting for ghost crabs at night on the beach. Grab a flashlight, some nets, and a bucket to start your adventure. These small crabs are harmless as long as you don’t physically touch them, and trying to catch them is a lot of fun. They run pretty fast, so you have to be quick to have any luck. Put them in your bucket with some sand until you’re ready to let them go at the end of your excursion.

Walk Atlantic Avenue

Parallel to the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is Atlantic Avenue. This busy thoroughfare is lined with bars and oceanfront restaurants. Spend an evening or a night perusing this bustling area to sate your craving for nightlife. Grab a bite at one of the local restaurants, or have some fun getting drinks and listening to music in the bars.

When you have a weekend to spend at Virginia Beach, the diversions are almost endless. Choose a few relaxing things to focus on or pack in as much excitement as your weekend can hold.