Travel: The Booster Dose of Health

While we as a species have learnt to rely on medicinal drugs to improve our health, nature has provided us some very intuitive ways to heal and progress. One of the foremost ways is to travel. Taking the weekend off and spending time in a forest or on an island away from the urban jungle can do wonders for your health. How exactly does travel augment your health? In this piece we’ll be discussing 3 of the most evident benefits of travelling.

Travel lowers stress

Mental health and stress are all the rage in today’s era, and they’re all the more reason to travel. Getting out and about is proven in various studies to lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol in the body, leading to more happiness in the observed subjects. The premise is simple. Your current environment is the cause of your stress, so the logical way to reduce it is to get away from said environment, albeit temporarily. Not only do you reduce your overall stress, but also get better at coping with future stresses as well. Another bonus you get is the lowered stress hormone level adds to life by slowing down the wear and tear of your tissues, effectively prolonging lifespan.

Travel boosts immunity

The immune system is the body’s amazingly intricate way of fighting off disease causing microorganisms and protecting your health. That fighting power is derived as a consequence of exposure to germs. Therefore, scientists recommend travel as it exposes you, at least partially, to thousands of new kinds of bacteria for your immune system to ‘get used to’, and this has the overall effect of better more versatile protection of your body and health, making you more resistant to common diseases.

Travel gets you moving

Even from the simplest viewpoint, travelling is essentially an exercise. As you walk and navigate through various kinds of environments, your body and your mind are treated to new experiences and circumstances, both of which are integral to developing better physical as well as mental health. Travelling can also be a source of exercise as people travel far and wide to learn new exercise and training techniques like Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. We’ll discuss one particular training method that tourists around the world have come to love and incorporate into their fitness regimes, namely the famous martial art of Thailand, Muay Thai.
Muay Thai translates to ‘Thai Boxing’ and essentially uses the person’s own body as both a shield and a weapon. It’s considered as the most effective combat technique and because of the intensity of this sport, it’s also incorporated into various fitness training routines as well as the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournaments as their foundational martial art. Muay Thai is taught both in dedicated ‘Nak Muay’ training centers and recreational gyms, as well as practiced individually on Thailand’s tropical beaches, which has attracted tourists from across the globe. As a self-defense technique and weight loss regimen, Muay Thai at has been shown to be very effective; one of the reasons why tourists are so attracted to the sport.