Travel brings power and love back to your life

Are you going through a heartbreak? Has your love life completely knocked you down? We understand the sudden feeling of a meaningless life and post break-up blues. Don’t worry!  We have something to cheer you up! Why not gift yourself with something this time and travel to the 6 best post-breakup travel destinations? It is time to pick yourself up, bounce back to life and explore these exotic locations to heal that broken heart of yours. As we all know traveling has the power to mend any butchered heart.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

It’s time to grab those broken heart pieces and head to an action packed location namely Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can opt for activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving or swimming your way along the reefs. This stunning place is perfect for bringing your lost energy back. Don’t let this heartbreak ruin your happiness.


The best post-breakup escapade is Thailand. Though exotic, it is still an affordable foreign location for a perfect getaway. So, if you want a fun filled holiday away from the old hurtful life, then my friend head to Thailand. The mouthwatering cuisines, pristine white beaches, and the oh so relaxing atmosphere is enough for your shattered heart to mend back.


Breakups are harsh but please don’t hibernate yourself. Instead, travel to Goa. Party with your friends like there is no tomorrow, meet new people, click crazy pictures and set your social media life on fire. Sounds really dramatic, right? But trust us, it will make you feel better and special.  Now with Ixigo flights to Goa, plan a trip to this fantastic place right away.


Looking for some peace? Then set your foot in Kerala. From beautiful beaches and marvelous backwaters to the calm atmosphere, this place is indeed a piece of paradise. Also known as God’s own country, Kerala will give you severals reasons as to why you should give your love life one more chance.


Ladakh is a place where you will surely find your inner peace again. The picturesque locations have magic to mend broken hearts. It will definitely bring back positives vibes in your life. Don’t forget to breathe in some refreshing air and let the beautiful Ladakh heal you back.


Jaisalmer, a perfect place that will soothe your inner soul. It will also give you a chance to introspect your life again. Go for camping and gaze at the stars to find all your answers. It is a place where you will get a fresh perspective on life.

So, now the choice is yours! Do you wish to stay indoors, sit in the corner of your house and cry your heart out? Or do you want to explore new destinations and get your happy life back? Whatever you choose, remember to stay happy.  Don’t make any more excuses and give your love life one more chance. Happy travels!