Top Surf Spots on Australia’s Gold Coast

There are tons of different qualities that make Australia one of the top-visited places in the world, but one of its most popular attractions is the picturesque and exciting surfing locations you can visit. With so much choice available, professional and amateur surfers alike can become overwhelmed as to which hotspot they should visit to find that perfect swell. Fear not, as the following five locations found on Australia’s famed Gold Coast will appeal to surfers of all skill levels and ages.

  1. Palm Beach, 21st Avenue  

Situated on a public beach near the city, the waters Palm Beach offers surfers the opportunity to enjoy surfing from either direction. In addition to being laidback and less-crowded than other hotspots, it’s also the ideal spot if you’re still learning the ropes of surfing. This popular surf spot is ideal for those who don’t wish to venture too far from the city but still want to experience a fantastic surf spot.

  1. Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads has been a popular location for surfers for many years. If you want any further clarification on how popular this location is, then you may be interested to learn that Burleigh Heads was the birthplace of the now standard man-on-man surfing competition back in 1977.

Those searching for consistent waves in front of the national park should head over to Burleigh Heads to experience one of the more established surfing spots situated on the Gold Coast.

Home to three distinct breaks, surfers can be sure of a long ride, and is popular among those attempting to catch a “Burleigh Barrel.”

  1. Tugan

It goes without saying that many will try to master their surfing skills on the weekend, but if you’re looking for some privacy then Tugan can be worth a visit during weekdays. Not only will you have the waves to yourself, but those who aren’t as confident as others will have space and time to perfect their manoeuvres. Of course surfing can be exhausting, which is where another benefit of Tugan comes into play. Thanks to its immersive and picturesque landscape, this natural wonder can be enjoyed following an adrenaline-fueled wipe out.

Surfer’s Paradise

There can be many reasons as to why thrill seekers flock to a particular surfing spot. For some it can be the views, for others it can be the intensity of the surf. When you have a surfing locale that’s named “Surfer’s Paradise”, then it’s completely understandable that this alone can be a pull for avid surfers. Fortunately there’s no anti-climax for surfers here, as there are waves that break left and right, with an exposed beach breaks offering a reliable and enjoyable surf. If it all gets too much on the waves, then why not consider car hire in Surfers Paradise and take a drive to the surrounding coastline and nearby attractions, including the area’s famed boardwalk.

Currumbin Alley

Currumbin Alley is situated at the entry of Currumbin Creek and is often filled with many surfers perfecting their craft. As well as being popular among more seasoned surfers, those taking to the board for the first time can rest assured that there is plenty of room for manoeuvre, as well as getting the knack for some new tricks. There are also quite a few well-known surfing schools nearby if you’re completely new to the sport.

Everyone will have their own preference when it comes to their favorite surfing spot, but the five locations listed below should at least ensure you’re heading in the right direction when it comes to mastering the waves.