Top 5 Travel Destinations In Egypt

If you are planning a vacation then Egypt is one of the best travel destinations. It is like a paradise on the earth that is famous for its oldest civilizations, ancient monuments and natural beauty. The history of Egypt is believed to be about 3000 years old.



Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and is famous for The Pyramids of Giza. It is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The height of this structure is 481-foot and it is completely man made structure. Another site one must visit while in Cairo is a massive sandstone statue of the Sphinx.


It is one of the most beautiful Cities of Egypt situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many elegant beaches, a National Museum, catacombs and a great library. Moreover, you can see and gain knowledge of history from underground tombs of Alexandria.


Luxor has a world’s greatest open-air museum. You can also visit the famous Temple of Karnak. In addition, one must visit the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens on the trip to Luxor. The beauty of Nile River completely mesmerizes you.


If you are planning for shopping in Egypt then Aswan is the best place. It is called the shopping hub of Egypt because it is the channel, which connects traders of Egypt with the rest of the world. Aswan offers wide variety of Spices, which cannot be found anywhere in the world and beautiful, gifts which you could buy for your family and friends.


If you love outdoor sports then a visit to Hurghada is a must. There are beautiful coral reefs and different variety of sea fish, which makes you, fall in love with this place. You can also opt for sea diving and fishing.