Top 5 Things to Do in Paris

Paris in France is a beautiful city in an even beautiful country. It offers some romance, adventure, love, history, architecture, good food, and a lot of wine for each person willing to visit it. Paris could be a little expensive and at the same time it should also be known that if you are visiting Paris then you are definitely going to be left alone, there will be loads of Parisian willing to help you out, the problem being that most of the population is French speaking, this could be pose a problem to the non-French speaking population.  If you have a limited and an even limited moolah for travel ten here are some of the 5 things to do in Paris that could facilitate you in helping you experience the best.

Double Decker Fun

Double Decker Fun

Desire to get acquainted with the city and see things from the exterior in a short span of time then here is the best deal for you? Tour on the double decker bus fun and see the city while the headphones offered in the bus give you a running commentary of the monuments and places coming by. This is a cheap way to get through the city and view the culture and the routes in a different innovative way.

Eiffel Tower Visit

You probably saw Paris via bus, now it’s time to see it aerial. Get on to the Eiffel Tower that offers the two platforms to view everything from. However, one should make sure to try visiting it during weekdays as weekends are packed and the lines to climb to the top floor are unending on weekends. Try getting ice creams too cool you down if you are there in the summer and get yourself really warm in the winters.

Notre Dame Cathedrale

The beautiful piece of architecture is must see if even if you are not interested in the rest of the historical and architecture worthy places. The climb up to the cathedral could be exhausting but the view from top there is worth the cause and effort. It is located on the eastern half of the city and is favourite tourist spot.

 Champs Elysees & Arc de Triomphe

This is now one of the prestigious and visited streets in Paris. It houses some of the best fashion houses and branded shops woman have been praying for. It was Napoleons idea to honour all the military feats he achieved. A must visit just to feel the difference and imagine how it used to be and how is it now.

Sainte Chappelle Church

Located on the Île de la Cité Island, this holy gem lies close to Notre Dam and is one of the true and last left well preserved pieces of Gothic architecture. Try visiting this church on Mondays or on special occasion when it is lit up. However, the least you can do is to get yourself toured around the interiors of the said church.

These are some of the best chosen things to do in Paris; chosen activities are cost effective but still insightful for the traveller.