Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

Prague City

Prague is the largest city of the Czech Republic and it is also the capital of the Czech Republic. If latest stats are to be believed it is the fourth largest city of Europe and has many beautiful and historical places to visit. There are many museums and beautiful gardens that one can visit while in Prague. Overall temperature conditions are also very good which makes it an ideal place to visit round the year.

Krakow City

It is one of the largest and one of the oldest cities of Poland and it is a seventh century city that is situated near the beautiful Vistula River. Krakow city is also famous for its rich tradition and cultural activities and every year there are many cultural events and exhibitions that take place.

Siena City

Siena is a city that is situated in Tuscany in Italy and is famous for its Italian cuisine, museums, art, and culture and medieval landscape. A horse race takes place twice every year and there are many beautiful places to visit here such as hill forts and lush green surroundings.

Rome City, Italy

As per the historical facts, Rome is a city that is almost 2500 hundred years old and is famous for its beautiful and elegant churches.

Vienna City

Vienna is the largest city of Austria and in fact, it is the capital city of Austria and is famous for its music, churches, lakes and boat tours. Every year, many couples come to this part of the world for their honeymoon.