Top 5 Budget Hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the wealthiest and richest countries in the world. Switzerland is top second tourist country in the world. According to recent survey, Switzerland has each been ranked among the top cities with the highest quality of life in the world, with the former ranked 2nd global level. This is mainly due to Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland. It is completely a tourist place and we can expect lot of hotels available in this place. There are many rich hotels as well as budget hotels are also available.

Budget Hotels in Switzerland

hotel kronenhof

Hotel Kronenhof: This was opened in 2014 with all facilities. As it is a new hotel we have most attracting features in this hotel. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building. Restaurant is also provided along with hotel facility.
Hotel Villatte City Center-Bellevue: This hotel was located in city center and it finds to be center for all tourist places. Though it is old one, it is renovated recently with most exciting facilities. Restaurant is also there in this hotel.
Hotel Rothaus: This hotel was in Zurich. In Zurich it is very rare to find cheap hotels. Hotel Rothaus is best budget hotel in Zurich. Online booking is available for this hotel.

Hotel Walhalla: Reviews are good for this hotel. It is located in center of the city with restaurant facility. Specialty of this hotel is, restaurant is provided with food available at any time in this hotel.

Hotel Boutique Townhouse: This hotel is well known for its clean and comfortable rooms provided. This is very low budget hotel in Zurich with friendly staff.