Top 5 Beach Destinations in Central America

The vacations are coming near and you might have set your holidays’ plan in your mind. Right? So where are you going in these vacations? Central America. Well, this is not any shocking answer as there are many people who like to visit this beautiful location which has many man-made beautiful landmarks to visit. Yeah, the ‘Natural’ beauty can also be seen there. There are many people who can be seen admiring the natural beauty of beach destinations being there in Central America. In fact, many people tag it as ‘Lap of Nature’. This saying by the visitors is more than enough to speak about the goodness of nature that you get to see here.

Well, this is not only famous for one beach destination or two. In fact there are many beaches available in Central America. Let’s have a look at the best out of them.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Bright sun and gleaming sands are the most glowing attractions of this beautiful beach destination of Central America. You can enjoy kite-surfing, windsurfing, spa services, paddling. You can also go and have a taste of fishing. You can have ultimate relaxation by going to Yoga and Spa services, which are very common to find.

Playa Samara, Costa Rica

Do you horse riding and would like to do so? If this is so, then you cannot find any beach destination than this. Just go to white-sand beach You can observe the beautiful marine life. The guides are easy to find. You can hire any one you like to it, and can visit all must to watch beautiful things here. The beach destination is perfect for kids as well as they can have a great time while playing the white-sand shroes. The sunset and sunrise are easy to see here.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Since you are visiting a beach destination, then swimming in the blue flowing water might be one of your wish list. You can bring this wish to reality by swimming. If you don’t know swimming, then you can hire a trainer for this purpose. B&Bs and luxury hotels are quite easy to find while the shopping can be experienced by going through the open bazaar.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

While visiting this beautiful beach destination, you will get the feeling in the lap of nature, the nature being at its best. You can have a touch with the history and culture of Central America by going to the Museums. You can also go to spa centers and yoga classes for the sake of relaxation which is highly important to live a healthy life.

Roatan, Honduras

You can visit pristine white beaches in this amazing beach destination. The crowd may seem to be calm in the morning, but don’t misunderstand them. Their fun and excitement can be seen coming out with full buzz in the long night parties. You can also join them!