Top 10 Destinations to Visit in Sri Lanka

Despite Sri Lanka is a small country but it has many big attractions which draws the attention of the travelers from all across the world. The place has something for which it is count as the top destinations to visit. Overall, Sri Lanka is a paradise which offers something to everyone. If you are planning for a trip and seeking for a place where you can spend some time in peaceful environment and without having any trouble while enjoying the vacations then I would recommend you to book your tickets for Sri Lanka. Here I have some information regarding your tour in Sri Lanka.

Destinations to Visit in Sri Lanka

Talangama Wetland

The Talangama Wetland is situated at Lake Road in Colombo and is falls into the category of Natural and Wildlife Areas. The place is known as one of the beautiful places near to Colombo and it provides habitat for various species of birds. The environment and the area is preserved by the government. You will feel free at this place and don’t forget to get a good camera with you s there you will see some beautiful aquatic birds to capture.


St. Thomas Chapel

The St. Thomas Chapel is the breathtaking place and it falls into the category of Cathedral and Churches. The place is situated within the famous school of Sri Lanka, St, Thomas College and the most interesting fact about the school is that it has produced six prime ministers of Sri Lanka. The place is some sort of traditional and quite peaceful. So, must visit one of the Top Destinations in Sri Lanka.

Royal Colombo Golf Club

The Royal Colombo Golf Course is situated at Farm Road, Colombo in Sri Lanka and is falls into the category of Golf Courses. The place offers a peaceful environment to the enthusiasts of Golf and all conditions are charming. The weather of the place remains ideal all over the year and it offers many things to its visitors. So, be the visitor of such great place and have fun at one of the Top Destinations in Sri Lanka.

Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia is itself lies in Colombo and it falls into the category of stunning beaches. The place offers a lot of attractions to visit and lot of things to do. Beach is all covered with golden sand and offers some delighters and options for relaxing to the visitors. The food and specially the sea-food is very delicious and you can have them at plenty of sea front restaurants. So, have fun with water activities and live your holidays in Sri Lanka.

If you want to visit some religious site then you might visit the next place in Colombo named as Gangaramaya(Vihara), a Buddhist Temple. The place is one of the top religious places of Sri Lanka and every year many pilgrims come from all across the countries. The temple is very well organized and you will find out some sort of peace here.

R. Premadasa Stadium

Want to blast your day then head with your friends at R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. Stadium is worth a visit and it is one of the very famous playgrounds where most of the international cricket matches are played. The stadium capacity is of few thousands and it offers ultimate environment to the visitors.

Colombo National Museum

The Colombo National Museum is counted as one of the Top Destinations in Sri Lanka and surely you can head to the place. This museum is landmark of the Asian Civilizations and it is the oldest museum in Sri Lanka. The museum is filled with many artifacts and stuffs which are enough to make your day worthy. So, have a visit at one of the Top Destinations in Sri Lanka.

Green Path

The Green Path is count as the landmarks of Sri Lanka and is situated in Colombo. The place offers you a drive where you can stroll along the green path and can be a witness of true natural and green environment. Here you would see various species of birds which will fill your heart with beauty and joy.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is count as one of the top attractions in Sri Lanka and it is situated at Colombo Fort in Colombo. If we talk about the views and landscapes then I must say that you will say it wow. The place is surrounded by beautiful harbours and you can see the city lights at night which will just mesmerize you. Also you can find some good restaurants and shops there to have some delicious food and stuffs. So, have a great day at one of the Top Destinations in Sri Lanka.

Zoological Gardens

The Zoological Garden is count as the top attractions of Sri Lanka which draws the attention of millions of people from all over the world. The place is falls into the category of zoos, and featured with many animal found across the Asia. Also here you can watch nightly elephant circus which will surely make your visit worthy.