Top 10 Best Destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of my all time favorite places to visit around the world. The official name of the country is the ‘Kingdom of Cambodia’, and better known for its history. Cambodia is spread over an area of 181,035 square kilometers and has a coastline of 443 kilometer along the Gulf of Thailand. The climate of Cambodia is basically dominated by Monsoons, like other Asian countries and it has two seasons such as the rainy season from May to October and the dry season from November to April. If you are planning to spend some time in Cambodia with your family or colleagues and seeking for some good places to see and things to do, then I have something very important for you and your trip.

Best Destinations in Cambodia

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

It’s a must visit place if you have finally set your mind to visit Cambodia in your next vacations. This palace is the example of blending between east and west and features with traditional Khmer Architecture. The European design style and pagodas are worth to visit. It’s an eye catching palace and always sounded with great crowd. So, you must visit one of the Top Destinations in Cambodia.

The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields in also one of the Top Attractions of Phnom Penh in Cambodia and this place falls into the category of Historic Sites. This place offers you an understanding about what happened in the past and the effects of all deeds on the human being at present. So, keep listening to guide as he will narrate a whole story to you.

Plae Pakaa

If you want to spend some beautiful time in watching some great stage performances then I would suggest you to must visit Plae Pakaa as it’s a top attraction in Phnom Penh. The Plae Pakka is a series of three shows and featuring a wide range of traditional performances. It’s a perfect place to see the diversity n the culture of Cambodia, so don’t miss the opportunity and head to this wonderful place as it is one of the Top Destinations in Cambodia.

Linna Culinary School

I don’t think so that you have ever been to a educational site on your holidays, but this time you will write a new experience after heading to Linna Culinary School, it’s a new school that opened in June, 2010 and is near to the Phnom Penh University. The school offers training traditional food to foreigners and locals. So, if you are fond of delicious foods and dishes then it’s a worth to visit.

The Flicks Movie House

Holidays never complete without watching a good movie at the best movie place of the city. If you follow the same principle then in Cambodia the Flicks Movie House is waiting for you. It’s a fantastic place and you will experience good movies in a relaxing environment. Enjoy your movie with drinks and some pop-corns and spend a beautiful day in Cambodia.

National Museum

This place is also count as one of the top attractions in Phnom Penh and is categorized into History and Art Museums. The Museum is very beautiful and well designed. Museum was opened in 1920 and still the breathtaking sandstone museum attracts travelers from all around the globe. The place showcases many fine examples of statuary and art. So, it’s a worth to visit place and you can spend a complete day here.

Wat Phnom

Wat Phnom is the popular religious site of Cambodia and is situated in Phnom Penh. Many people consider this place as it is features with some spiritual power, and a fascinating site which attracts millions of tourist every year. It’s a hill temple and you can visit this place along with a guide as he will tell you the appropriate time to enter in the temple and about the myths and places of Wat Phnom.

Quad Adventure Cambodia

If you want to get an amazing experience with good fun and well worthy then I would recommend you to visit Quad Adventure Cambodia in Siem Reap. This place falls into the category of All Terrain Vehicle Trails and offers you plenty of fun. You can explore the Cambodian Countryside on all your Terrain Vehicle and also you can visit some lush village sites. This place will give you an unforgettable memory. So, please book our tickets to Cambodia as soon as possible.

Ta Prohm

It is also count as one of the Top Attractions of Ta Prohm and also as the best of all temples around Angkor. After having a minimal restoration this place is the one of the best places to visit some time together with family and colleagues. The place is sounded with many ancient things and stuffs like massive tree roots and jungle, stone pillars etc. So, have a great day and experience at Ta Prohm.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is count as one of the top world heritage sites and attracts millions of tourist every year. If you are heading to Cambodia then make sure you have already listed this place to visit. It’s categorized into Historic sites and has beautiful architecture. The magnificent view and statues offers a full package to visit and makes your visit worthy. So, you don’t miss the opportunity to grab all the famous sites in Cambodia.

All above places are the worth to visit and count as the Top 10 Best Destination in Cambodia. If you are seeking for some relaxation from your daily hectic schedule then I would suggest you to plan your holidays to Cambodia.