The Nightlife of Málaga

Tourists flock to the Spanish Costa de Sol to enjoy the beaches by day and the nightlife after dark. If you want to escape the daily grind, then the night scene of Málaga is for you. The streets hum all night, all year round with people enjoying music, food and good company.

Málaga is a favorite getaway for students and young ttravelers It is a place where you can slip into another world where studies and work are put on hold for a moment.

Málaga is an ancient city but the old city center, the El Centro, is still full of life. It is here around the Plaza Uncibay that you find busy tapas bars and restaurants. The Plaza de la Merced buzzes with clubs while the Calle Granada and Calle Larios are lined with more laid-back cafés full of young and old mixing in the relaxed atmosphere. Most of these venues are beating till the early hours of the morning.

Another must-visit is one of the “tea houses”. They can be large and noisy and often have live music playing. The cocktail lounges are more intimate but no less lively. Closer to the port, you can find something a little more sophisticated in the La Malagueta area.

Further out in the suburbs, there are plenty of nightlife spots. At El Palo y Pedregalejo, you can try one of the many beach restaurants where the seafood is legendary.

For those looking for pure disco or thumping clubs, go to the Puerto Marina in Benalmádena. This area has been dubbed the “party mile” for a good reason. Latino clubs draw the crowds but you can find all types of music from rock and Indie to hip-hop and house.

Spanish food is loved the world over and you will be sure to find local food gems in the city taverns and at the terrace restaurants. Also, you cannot leave Málaga without a traditional sweet wine sundowner at a beach “chiringuitos”. After a slow dinner, many people move on to the clubs where they dance till dawn.

For a quieter evening, you can visit the city theatre, Teatro Cervantes, or catch one of the flamenco dance shows.

Málaga is not only known for its vibrant bar and clubbing scene, but also for its festivals where people celebrate in wild abandon. These festivals are lit up with fireworks while music pumps for the dancers in the street. Some of these are the Fiesta de Carnaval in February, St John’s Eve at mid-summer in June and the Feria de Málaga in August.

It is part of the culture of Málaga to go out for a long night of revelry. So pick a warm summer night and gather for some fun.