Pack Light for Easy Travel

Nothing can slow down the fun on vacation than bringing too much luggage. Not only will extra bags make you have to take a trip to the airport luggage claim, but it will limit your travel and lodging choices.  Once you master the fine art of packing light, you should be able to be on the road, in most climates, for 2 weeks to a month with one backpack or other carry-on item.  Here are a few tips to get you closer to that goal.

Plan out your wardrobe. When choosing which clothing items to bring, put an emphasis on items that can be worn as a part of multiple outfits.  Choose items that color coordinate as well. For example, bring groups of clothing that all go with earthtones, blacks or blues.  Within those parameters, choose clothing that can be worn in layers, from tank tops and t-shirts, to long sleeved shirts and outerwear. This will help you bring less and still accommodate a variety of weather conditions.

If you need to bring a heavy coat or boots, strap them to the outside of your bag, to save space inside your bags. If you are close to airline size limits with your bag, wear your boots or bulkiest shoes on the planes.

Use space bags to compress and compartmentalize your clothing. Put like items together in bags that are designed like a giant ziplock bag. You can buy the name brand “Space Bags” or check for generics at your local big-box store or dollar store. Compartmentalize items for easy access and space savings, by putting like items together.

Put your toiletries in one bag and your 3 oz or less liquids into their own clear plastic bag, as required by TSA. You can get a stylish clutch pouch to keep valuable papers, Passport and ID close to you, from Nine West.

Bring an extra day pack that can be stuffed inside your main bag. If you are doing quick daytrips or walks about town, you can put your extra clothing layers or souvenirs in here. If you come home with more than you left with, then this can carry your treasures from a foreign land.

Weigh your bag and make sure that it is not over the weight requirements of the airlines. But more importantly, make sure it is not too heavy for you. If you are running to catch a train somewhere, is it going to slow you down? Is it going to hurt your back if you walk for several miles? If so, shed some weight and repack.

Each time you practice your art, you will learn what you really do use or won’t use on a trip. It will get easier and easier.