Nightlife Fun in Bodrum

Very few places in Turkey measure up to Bodrum’s legendary nightlife experience. Even the Turks themselves will often rank it at the top – even above Istanbul. With live music venues, heaving clubs and bustling bars, you have the opportunity to check out the traditional Turkish nightlife.

The White House

From the moment you enter its embellished Victorian-style doors, you won’t want to stop partying. Enjoy the dirty cocktails before moving on to the more traditional raki, which is what the locals will be supping. There are also plenty of places nearby where you can grab a midnight snack, or (more likely) breakfast. Live music fans will be pleased to note they offer bands almost every night.


hadigari bodrum

Check out the oldest bar in Bodrum – Hadigari has been going since 1974 and it doesn’t look as though it’s going to stop anytime soon. Located next to St Peter’s Castle and offering stunning views out to the sea, it’s a great club with a magnificent atmosphere, capable of holding around 2,000 people. Dance the night away on the ground floor, or venture upstairs to engage in a spot of people-watching.

Fasil Cafe Rasit

Head upstairs to Fasil Cafe Rasit, a first floor balcony bar that will undoubtedly appeal to those looking to fully engage in the Turkish culture. There is authentic music from the country and belly dance on some nights, although these events tend to get started late – around 11pm. It’s worth being tired for though, and there are plenty of activities elsewhere to keep you going until morning if you miss the last bus back to your hotel.


The biggest, trendiest and most stylish club in Bodrum, it’s worth [rep] visiting this place if you’ve got bucks to spare. Be warned – admission is expensive, but it’s worth it to see the extraordinary laser show and floor lighting that make Halikarnas one of the places to be for tourists and Turks alike. They have a full programme of events, including foam nights, ladies nights and others. Add in the fact that it has the loudest sound system in all of Bodrum and you’ve got one hell of a killer club.

Now you have the lowdown on all the best places to be, there really is no excuse not to get over to Bodrum. Be warned though – these venues party hard and you’ll still be dancing at 4am when many of them close down. When you’re in Bodrum for a night out, there really is no limit to the fun that can be had.