Most Visiting Tourist Attractions in Uppsala

Most Visiting Tourist Attractions in Uppsala

Uppsala is fourth largest in Sweden and is very near to Arlanda Airport and it takes about 25 minutes from Arlanda airport. In this city wen can find bicycles more than vehicles. Uppsala is world famous as it is fourth largest city in Sweden. We will discover plenty of quaint shops, cafes, and places to eat along the way and many of Uppsala ever green national parks. There are many parks and places in Uppsala and Most Visiting Tourist Attractions in Uppsala.

Uppsala Slott: This is world famous palace where world top events in Sweden will be conducted here. This is today became official residence of the Uppsala’s Country Governor. Inside this it is provided with incredible art exhibitions, and there are breathtaking views over Uppsala and the surrounding countryside.

The Linnaeus Museum: It is known as house of exhibitions which are dedicated to Linnaeus’ scientific achievements. This also includes my personal belongings, event mementos, old furniture and household items gathered over a lifetime. It was recorded that annually more than 2 billion people will visit this place.

The City Park: This park is world famous and was developed in late 19th century. Special feature of this park is it is provided with open air theatre and we can have cool experience with our family. We can find many different distinct species of flowers which bloom in both summer and winter according to seasonal changes.

Gamla Uppsala: This is located in center of the city. Old kings and queens used this place for their resting place and it is still it is with spread across the landscape are more than 300 burial mounds are still existing here.

Holy Trinity Church: This has background of more than 800 years history. After this many renovations took place for this church as this became world famous and many people are showing interest to visit this place.