Manchester Airport Taxis to get your Holiday off to a Relaxing Start

Manchester airport taxis – getting you to the plane on time!

A professional Manchester airport taxi company can ensure your holiday starts off with you and your fellow travellers in your party relaxed and chilled, ready for their holiday break.

Manchester airport is the largest airport in the North of England and getting to the airport through the network of motorways can be problematic! It seems that on a daily basis, roadworks appear on the M60 that skirt around the airport and have a knock on effect of delayed travel. This does not take into account the other feeder motorways that connect to the M60, from Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Blackpool.

Why taking a taxi to Manchester airport is worthwhile.

When you book your holiday and spend a few thousand pounds on the break you deserve, do you really want to start the holiday off cranky and potentially missing your flight? Delaying your holiday and losing money you’ve paid for the break.

Manchester airport taxi

The reason, I point this out is that a few years ago, we as a family were due to fly from Manchester airport and I decided that I would drive and save a few pounds, rather than pay a professional taxi company to get us there on time. We set off allowing 90 minutes for a normally 60 minute journey plus the usual 3 hour check in for US flights. During my drive to the airport, a crash occurred on the main motorway connection and the motorway was closed, this resulted in a massive redirection of traffic and not knowing the area delayed us to the extent, that we missed our flights to the USA and connecting flights to the West coast. Not forgetting the extra cost in re-scheduling the connecting flights!

On our return flight, I got talking to a fellow traveller who had used STS Cars who offer taxis to Manchester airport and they had heard of the closed motorway and went an alternative route, getting them to check-in well in advance and they made the flight. The return taxi transfer cost much less than the costs we had incurred just re-scheduling the flights!

Do you want to start your holiday off stressed or chilled?

Recently I flew on business from Manchester airport and I tried to cut corners again, you’d think I’d learned my lesson by now! I’d booked the economy flight, the car park and set off with time to spare in case of delays. The M61 was tailed back, but I knew I had plenty of time, so I finally got to the car park and discovered to my horror it was full! I spoke to an attendant and explained I had a booking but he told me the car park was full and I would have to contact them for a refund, in the mean time I had to find a parking space for 3 days, so I ended up parking at Manchester airport which is very expensive but added an extra 75 minutes to my journey time. I arrived at check in stressed and panicking. On my return I have then to contact the car park and request a refund which should have been done automatically, but wasn’t.

I think from now on, if I am travelling through Manchester airport, I will find a taxi to Manchester airport and same myself the hassle and stress!