Five Reasons to Visit Jackson Hole

Have you ever considered a visit to Jackson Hole, Wyoming? Don’t let the name deter you. It refers not to an actual hole but to a gorgeous valley. The landscape is breathtaking, with a scattering of glacier-fed lakes, the towering Teton Mountains to the west, and the Gros Ventre, or Big Belly, range to the east. At the south end of the valley is the town of Jackson, which offers a lively scene while still conveying a glimpse of the old West. There are many reasons to visit Jackson Hole.

  1. Majestic Scenery, Wildlife, and National Parks

Image via Flickr by chascar

Craggy mountains, pristine lakes, and the white water of the Snake River are just part of the majesty of Jackson Hole. The valley hosts a diverse wildlife population that includes elk, bison, moose, and bear. You’ll stand a good chance of viewing some of these animals while exploring the Grand Teton or Yellowstone national parks. Both parks are easy day trips from Jackson. If you book a wildlife safari, an experienced guide will help you spot and learn about the animals. You can enjoy stunning views of the valley from the Aerial Tram that runs almost the entire year.

  1. Outdoor Activities

Jackson Hole is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s a sampling of outdoor activities visitors can enjoy:

l Photography

l Hiking

l Camping

l Whitewater rafting

l Horseback riding

l Golfing

l Fly-fishing

l World-class downhill and cross-country skiing

l Snowmobiling

l Ice skating

l Sleigh rides

l Dog sledding

  1. Night Skies

When visiting Jackson Hole, whether you camp or stay in motels or luxurious hotels, try not to fall asleep too early. You may see more stars than you ever have before. Stars are most visible on a clear night from a place with high elevation and little light pollution, such as Jackson Hole. Visitors to the area can view and learn about the night sky through a variety of stargazing programs.

  1. Western Adventures

Wyoming, known as The Cowboy State, has a bucking horse and cowboy rider on its license plate. Working ranches and real-life cowboys and cowgirls still exist in Wyoming. The enduring spirit of the Wild West is part of Jackson’s charm. Visitors can watch a rodeo, experience a trail ride, or enjoy a covered wagon cookout.

  1. Urban Offerings

The town of Jackson has Western flair, but it’s also cosmopolitan. Culinary options include everything from elk burgers to bison steaks, along with vegetarian food and international cuisine. There’s a variety of stores, galleries, and places to shop. Here are just a few things you may find to buy:

l Contemporary or Western art

l Mountain Khakis, an apparel line that originated in Jackson Hole

l Upscale clothing

l Sporting equipment

The fun doesn’t stop in Jackson Hole when the sun goes down. Visit a brewery, enjoy a cocktail, or enjoy one of the many live music or art events. Perhaps you’ll want to go dancing and maybe even learn to two-step.

Jackson Hole is a place every visitor can enjoy. Jaw-dropping scenery, outdoor adventures, starry skies, Western thrills, and modern-day fun equal at least five reasons to plan a trip to Jackson Hole.