Exploring the most Extravagant Cities in the World

However, by checking out cheap deals on hotels a supposedly expensive city need not necessarily be out of reach. Four such destinations are listed below.

Las Vegas

This city has a massive reputation for opulence and partying. Filled with luxury hotels, its extravagant nature is clear to see. At night the main drag, ‘The Strip’, is lit up and can be seen for miles around as tourists flock to try their luck on the slots or at the card tables. The city seems to have been developed using the mantra ‘the bigger the better’; the hotels and casinos are not just luxury developments, many are replicas of some of the world’s most famous monuments. The world’s highest rollercoaster, fastest elevator and largest tenpin bowling alley can all be found here. Las Vegas is easily reached by air from most major cities around the world.


In recent years there has been a huge amount of investment and development in Dubai and this is clear from the number of tourists that are attracted there. It is also now much more affordable to visit the Middle East as cheaper flights are becoming more readily available. This is not the usual holiday destination; there are tourist activities such as desert safaris on camel or by 4×4 being widely advertised, not to mention the opportunity to pick up a unique bargain or two at a souk. Indoor skiing is also an attraction, with a whole resort located in one of the world’s biggest shopping malls. Fortunately, hotels are not just at the luxury end of the market with plenty available to suit visitors on a limited budget.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo gained its reputation as an extravagant city from its appeal as a tax haven. Many of the residents are fabulously wealthy and the surroundings certainly reflect this. Monte Carlo is also known for its luxury hotels and casinos and is the capital of the Principality of Monaco, which owes much of its glamorous image to the late Grace Kelly. Tourists are able to enjoy some of the fabulous local cuisine in one of the many restaurants and spend some time celebrity spotting or driving around in an open-topped sports car. Accommodation is not kind to those on a tight budget, particularly if the hotel has a sea view; however, it is possible to find quality accommodation at lower prices.


Milan has long since staked its claim to being the fashion capital of the world and the streets of this great Italian city are filled with designer boutiques and luxury restaurants. However, visitors do not necessarily have to spend a great deal of money to enjoy their time here. The Via Montenapoleone is the main thoroughfare for the fashion houses and just outside the city tourists can check out the opulent villas around Lake Como and Lake Garda, where many celebrities have chosen to set up home. Hotels and flights are available very cheaply, particularly for those travelling from Europe, as there are many budget options on offer.