Experience Geneva Like a Local

Many people think of Geneva as a finance hub, home to big corporations in skyscrapers looking out over the city. Indeed, Geneva is a political and financial centre for many multinational companies, but it also has so much more to offer the everyday tourist, from chocolate and watchmaking to Swiss cuisine and sport. Let’s take a look at how to experience Geneva like a local this year.

Experience Geneva Like a Local

Take a Walking Tour 

Begin your tour on the shores of Lake Leman, as this offers amazing views of the Alps, which look over the city. You’ll also be able to see the famous water feature Jet d’Eau, the world’s tallest fountain!

Throughout the day, you’ll experience many parts of Geneva that you wouldn’t expect to be there, such as beautiful and lush parks – perfect for a picnic with your family – and the stunning views of the Rhone River, another of Geneva’s picturesque wonders. If you’re up for a bit of shopping, Geneva is a tax-free haven, so expect to get yourself some bargains!

Finally, you’ll end your walking tour of the city in the Old Town, a place that dates back to the 16th century. From the cobbled streets and historic cathedrals to the famous Town Hall where the League of Nations was first formed and the Reformation Wall, the Old Town is a treasure in itself. Having been on your feet all day, you’ll surely want to sample some of the Swiss hot chocolate in one of the city’s many traditional cafes. 

Musee International de la Croix Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge 

The name might be a bit of a mouthful, but this museum is a must-visit when travelling to Geneva this year. Not only is it a local treasure, but the content of the museum is very educational. Is offers exhibitions on the crimes and atrocities perpetuated by humanity, from war to genocide, documented in photos, films, audio recordings and sculptures. It might not be the best place to bring your young children, however it is a very informative and moving museum.

European Organisation for Nuclear Research 

When it comes to science and the advances the human race has made in the field, there couldn’t be a better example than the CERN laboratory in Geneva. This machine blasts electrons and protons together at thousands of miles an hour, and studies the after effects of the collisions in this 27km circular tube. Not only is it the world’s biggest machine, but it was able to create anti-matter in 1996 for the first time ever!