Diving in the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh

Scuba diving at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is an experience that both beginners and advanced divers will never forget. With Ras Mohammed National Park, one of the most beautiful diving locations in the world, right nearby, plus wrecks to explore, it is a diver’s paradise.


Ras Mohammed National Park is a premiere diving site that is just a 20 km boat ride south of Sharm El Sheikh. It is has an astounding array of fish, both reef and pelagic, all in one dive site. It has bountiful coral reefs and sea walls accessible for exploring. Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are considered the best places to dive at Ras Mohammed National Park, because they offer a glimpse of almost every type of sea life in the Red Sea. Top on the list of great wildlife you might spot on your dive are moray eels, scorpionfish, sting rays, and jackfish. It is highly treasured and protected, and diving is only permitted in certain areas. To ensure that you are following all the local regulations, it is best to join a Sharm El Sheikh dive company for a trip.

Even if wreck diving is not your favourite type of dive, you cannot help but be impressed by the WWII HMS Thistlegorm. Considered to be one of the best wrecks to explore in the world, there is plenty of exciting machinery and artillery still intact that you can see. You will also find holds with motorcycles, cars and trucks. Some of them are in perfect condition, and look as if they would be ready to drive off if they were on land. Organizing a trip with a local dive shop will ensure that you get out to the wreck during the times it is accessible.

Another popular diving site easily reached from Sharm El Sheikh is the Straits of Tiran. It contains four coral reefs: Woodhouse Reef, Gordon Reef, Jackson Reef, and Thomas Reef. All four are teeming with aquatic life such as hammer head sharks, tiger sharks, barracuda and other brightly coloured and impressive fish. This area also has a wreck, the Kormoran. Part of the Kormoran wreck is visible above the water. An artificial reef has started forming along the sides of the wreck, and it is a beautiful place to explore.

After all this strenuous diving you will want some time to relax on shore, and this town will not disappoint. Sharm el Sheikh has all the amenities of a world class resort locale.