Cruising Europe

There are plenty of good reasons why Europe is, and probably will be for many years to come, a popular tourist destination. There are simply few regions on earth that offer so much in terms of natural beauty, history, impressive architecture, culture and cuisine in a relatively compact area than the European continent.

Experiencing Europe while travelling onboard one of today’s cruise ships that are in fact nothing but luxurious floating holiday resorts is an experience never to be forgotten.  Not only does one have to pack and unpack only once, cruising is also a great way to skip the long queues and stress often involved with flying.

There are simply an astounding variety of European cruises on offer during any particular summer season. Some of them concentrate on visiting areas of great natural beauty, others on visiting cities with interesting history or architecture while still others concentrate on exploring the cultures of the different countries; whatever the traveller is interested in, it is possible to find a cruise that fits the bill perfectly.

Some of the most popular cities in Europe attract thousands of cruise passengers every year. One of them is the city of Rome, with its numerous historical sites, its vibrant culture and its great Italian cuisine.

Another popular destination for cruise ships is the beautiful port city of Monaco with its many casinos. This is where the rich and famous hang out and it’s not impossible to bump into Richard Gere or Julia Roberts while one is shopping in one of the many world-class boutiques.

Venice is of course an evergreen tourist destination and hardly a day goes why without one of the major cruise lines such as Cruises visiting this glorious city. A trip on one of Venice’s romantic canals is a must for any visitor.

The Spanish city of Barcelona is another great favorite on the cruise trail. Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992 and the makeover it received during that time has firmly established the city as one of Europe’s top destinations, with beautiful cathedrals, lovely parks and great shopping arcades.

Copenhagen is also fast becoming a favorite among cruise lovers, and it’s not difficult to see why. Kayaking through the city’s canals and afterwards enjoying a lunch at a sidewalk café will no doubt create unforgettable memories. Other highlights are climbing to the top of the historical Round Tower and visiting the Tivoli Gardens.

Themed cruises are a relatively new trend in the world of European cruising. These cruises concentrate on a single aspect of cruising, such as cuisine, music, art or wine. The destinations and excursions all fit in with the central theme of the cruise. This is a great way of meeting likeminded people and learning more about a topic in which you are deeply interested.

Sipping a cappuccino on deck while life on the banks of the Rhine, the Rhone or the Danube floats by silently is certainly a unique way of exploring Europe.