UK must see places

Best Places To See In London In 5 Days

London is famous for its rustic charm and magnificent tourist attractions. A tourist with an appetite for an old world charm and a keen eye for beautiful will definitely not want to miss few of the best places in London. So, here is a guide for visiting the best of London in 5 days.

UK must see places

London Tour: Day 1

St. Paul’s Cathedral: The London skyline boasts of this beautiful dome-shaped cathedral which offers a magnificent view from the top. The climb is tedious and long with over 500 steps, but the effort is totally worth the experience.

Millennium Bridge: This bridge has been featured in many Potter movies and is a coveted destination for all Harry Potter fans. Millennium Bridge is a wonderful pedestrian bridge. The excellent St. Paul’s Cathedral adorns the backdrop, making it a beautiful view point for photographers.

Tate Modern: With no cost for entry, Tate Modern is home to some of the finest collections of modern art. The restaurants of Tate Modern are excellent areas to refresh yourself as you munch tasty food and with a view of the beautiful skyline before you.

Shakespeare Globe: Home to the finest form of theater ever known to mankind, this is the third reconstruction of the original globe which housed numerous plays. During season time, you may still find some Shakespeare Plays going on here.

London Tour: Day 2

Trafaldar’s Square: This square houses the most magnificent of column art, with Nelson’s column along with stone lions proudly adorning it.

National Gallery: Third among the world’s most famous Art Museums, National Gallery is home to the finest pieces of art. Moreover, there is no entry fee making it a must visit for the art lover.

British Museum: The British Museum is home to a historic collection which dates back to two million years in the past. Also, the Egyptian antiquities are a must see while you visit the museum.

Piccadilly Circus: This is one of the most lively public places in London for relaxation and quiet observation. The Regent Street is easily accessible from here where you can go for a shopping spree.

London Tour: Day 3

Big Ben: This is the world famous London Tower clock, a coveted destination to visit by everyone touring London. The Elizabeth Tower is a magnificent creation with the famous bell inside it known as the Big Ben. Its history is worth noting and its beauty is worth admiring.

London Eye: As the name suggests, London Eye is the spot to have an excellent Bird’s Eye View of the gorgeous city. The picturesque capture of Big Ben from here is every photographer’s dream. Also, try to stay during the darker hours to catch the beautiful night lights decorating London Eye.

Westminster Abbey: This 7-century old building is the pride of London which houses many memorials of famous personalities. Also, this is the building where Kate and Prince William’s royal wedding was held.

Buckingham Palace: Another pride of London, Buckingham Palace is the residence of London’s rulers. Something worth seeing here is the change of guards at the palace gates. 

London Tour: Day 4

Tower of London: This tower is worth a visit as it houses a millennium of London’s ancient history. Try to schedule the visit so that you get to see the Crown Jewels Room.

Tower Bridge: A magnificent glass bridge to walk over, Tower Bridge is indeed a man-made masterpiece. To know more about this famous bridge you must definitely visit the Engine Room.

Leadenhall Market: The rustic charm of this Victorian marketplace is not to be missed if you are touring London. Many Harry Potter fans will be taken back to Diagon Alley while visiting this market as many scenes of the movie were done here.

London Tour: Day 5

Hyde Park: Hyde Park is the royal park of London and is the largest park in the city. If you are looking for some relaxation time in the heart of nature, this is one must visit.

St. Pancreas Station: This is the famous King’s Cross Station shown in Harry Potter movies which have the Platform 9 ¾. If you are a fan, you must definitely visit it.

Pubs Of London: London is an excellent place for the avid foodie. There are numerous pubs you can visit to try all kinds of English meals and delicacies.