Accommodation Provided in Top 10 Places in Trondheim

Accommodation Provided in Top 10 Places in Trondheim

Trondheim is third largest in Norway and it is famous as old buildings and museums. This city was founded in 997 AD and once it has been capital city of Norway. This is well known for cultural and shopping destination as the city is scattered with huge specialty of shops with all antique pieces which are available only in this city. The special feature of this place is, the city Trondheim will not experience darkness in mid-May to mid-June. Top 5 Most Visiting places and its accommodation facilities in Trondheim are listed below…

Trondheim Harbor: River Nidelv is in central city and port area for this river is most famous and attracting. As it is very near to city accommodation and other facilities are available depending on our taste. On either sides of the river wooden houses are constructed with attracting colorful piles above the water. Many people like to visit this place as it is far away from traffic disturbances.

Fjellseter Grakallen: It is hilly place in Trondheim and sky jump is famous in this place. From this place we can have good view of complete west part of the city. This place is five miles away from west part of the city.

Archbishop’s Palace Museum: This is collection of old Norway’s jewels and crown and it is world famous. This palace is oldest building in Norway City and now it is a place of spectacular collection old stuff. It is west part of Trondheim so there is no problem with accommodation.

Nidaros Cathedral: This Church is world famous that Kings have been christened and buried in this church. It has been renovated multiple times so as to save this mysterious church in records. Even though this is maintained carefully some part of the church got completely damages. There is no much stress in going to this place as it is very near to city.

Munkholmen: It is an island which very near to the city. Here in this island we can find well-preserved round tower belonging to the former Benedictine abbey of Nidarholm.