A Guide to Having an Amazing Time in Universal Orlando

Orlando is one of the most popular regions of Florida, and thousands of Americans travel to the sunshine state every year to experience some of the many activities on offer. Nicknamed ‘the city beautiful’, Orlando’s landscapes are truly stunning, and from vast open spaces to dense forests and parks, you could easily get lost when taking a relaxing stroll through the city. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to have an amazing time in Universal Orlando.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is one hell of a place. Its grounds are so big, it could be classed as a self-contained city! Staff live and work on site, and that’s because there is so much to do here. From the MGM studios to the Magic Kingdom, animal sanctuaries to water parks, there is absolutely no way your children could ever get bored in Walt Disney World.

Not only are there exciting things to do at Walt Disney World, but the city also benefits from the latest safety features aimed at protecting children. If you ever get lost, there are police officers on hand to help you out, if you hurt yourself there’s an onsite medical centre, if you’re too tired to walk anywhere then you can just hop on the free bus, and don’t even mention the vast amount of restaurants and milkshake parlours!

Over 10 million people visited Walk Disney World in its first year of opening, and that’s why it continues to remain a popular tourist hotspot. Taking the title as the world’s biggest amusement resort, you might want to consider booking your tickets early for next year’s holiday!

Universal Orlando

From theme parks to animal shelters, and even a hotel, Universal Orlando is one of the best places to take your children on holiday in America. Not only is there an island of adventure, with too many rides to count, but there’s also a Marvel Superhero studio, where your kids will be able to draw and animate their own comic book cartoons.

Once you’re children are finished designing their superheroes, why not take them into the world of movies, where they’ll be able to provide voice overs for them too! Men in Black, the Mummy, Shrek and many other universal picture film houses are dotted throughout the district, so if your kids ever need to sit down and chill out, there’s always a film on hand to keep them entertained.

Skipping The Queue

Although family tickets to Universal Orlando can set you back over $100, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in a queue. Thankfully, the box office offers express passes that will allow you to join the front of the queue, no matter which ride you go on! At $30 per child, this is a great investment when it comes to touring the theme parks, especially if you’re staying the entire day!