6 Best Beach Destinations in India

No doubt, India has a 7517km long coastline and with the remains of the same, it has always been an attraction for tourist and will be in future without any questions. There are a number of beaches on the Indian peninsula that provide countless of opportunities to adventure addict people or people who just wanna relax or people who want to explore new things.

As we all know, Indian peninsula is surrounded by water from 3 sides; it shows some imagination for nature lovers too. The list that I have mentioned below is some of the recommended ones by many people. Let’s have a look on the best 6 beach destinations of India.

  1. Goa

Whenever one is in doubt, the first place comes to mind is Goa. In fact, Goa is also known as India’s capital in terms of parties. Goa is a place where people can be mostly seen swimming, taking a sunbath, parasailing, and relaxing in their own made hammocks by having a sip of their cold beer. If you want to enjoy in the best possible way, then go for the more sought after private beach resorts which can offer a better degree or privacy. In terms of thinking about best beach destination, Goa is the first one to strike up in mind to start up with the beach blast adventure. The Sunburn fest of Goa where all the DJ’s from all over the world come together for a party at Candolim beach for new year eve. The late night parties, people dancing away increase the fun to a new level

  1. Gokarna, Karnataka

The Gokarna is almost 190km away from Goa and makes the best place for Goa’s alternative. It is famous for its Mahabaleshwar temple and various beaches. You can easily enjoy taking a sunbath or chatting with your loved ones by lying on a hammock where no one is there to disturb you. Gokarna can be easily traveled by buses and trains as it is a well-connected city. The Om beach and half moon beach are famous ones here

  1. Ganpatipule Maharashtra

Ganpatipule is a tiny coastal city which has a grand beach, in fact, one of the spectacular one on the Konkani coast. The beach is sprinkled with red sand and due to the shallow water; one can easily enjoy swimming without any hesitation. Ganpatipule is just 35km far away from the famous jagged fort and can be traveled through Ratnagiri too. Ganpatipule is also famous for its Ganesha temple where it is believed that Lord Ganesh statue was originated from the ground. One can easily enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and different villages from here and is ideal for the vacations.

  1. Marari, Kerala

The secret of the beauty of India is situated in Kerala itself. This beautiful state has brought lots of tourist from all around the world here who praises the magnificence. One of the lesser known treasures of Kerala is the Marari beach which is situated in an Alleppey district which is also known as a sleepy town shimmering beauty from all the four sides. There are staying arrangements in the Marari beach where you may lock up your luggage and have a check in at the Marari beach resort which is a rich modern property that provides all type of comforts.

  1. Kovalam

If one goes down from the famous Marari beach, there is another similar beach in Kerala named as Kovalam. It is basically a fishing area. Kovalam has brought many tourists to see its famous Eve and lighthouse beaches that are rich in sand and clean with a layer of coconut trees on one side. One can easily wake up early and get a cruise ride with the fisherman all around or else set himself and take a surfboard out there to control the waves

  1. Pondicherry

 Pondicherry is one of the best places in India to have relaxation and practice the art of meditation. Pondicherry or Puducherry is famous as it is also known as India’s French connection as it retains the old French culture and architecture. It is famous for its Sri Aurobindo Ashram where thousands go and seek solace and provide well-maintained waterfront which hence becomes a perfect package for a beach holiday. Beach activities in Pondicherry include camping at the beach, kayaking, sunbathing, canoeing, and backwater sailing.