3 Must-Visit Middle East Destinations

Ask almost anyone who has visited the Middle East, and they are sure to tell you that travelling within this area is a surefire way to guarantee the trip of a lifetime. The region is one of great contrast, home to areas as diverse as the ultra-modern city living of Dubai to the ancient history of Egypt to the natural beauty of the Dead Sea.

The Middle East is a melting pot of history, heritage and natural beauty, a region where different cultures collide with spectacular results. The end result? A truly remarkable region unlike any other to be seen the world over. If you are thinking of planning a trip to the area, the most popular times for tourists to visit are March to May and September to November. During the height of summer, temperatures get unbearable, rendering the region a no-go zone for several months as the area swelters under the intense heat of the desert sun.

Before booking your Middle Eastern getaway, it is important to do plenty of thorough research into the countries and places that you plan to visit. Create an itinerary and make sure to stick to it to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

If you need some travel inspiration, here are three unmissable destinations that should definitely be included in your next Middle East adventure.


A country filled with natural wonders and ancient history, the relics of Jordan’s ancient civilisations are impressive enough to rival even Egypt’s infamous Pyramids. The ‘Lost City’ of Petra is a definite must-see, as is the Dead Sea. Book yourself in for a luxurious treatment at one of the many spas dotting the shores, or go for a dip in the hypersaline lake to experience its healing properties for yourself.


Kuwait is unique among its oil-rich neighbours as it has chosen to reject most of the obvious displays of wealth and abundance many of the other Gulf States welcome with open arms. Visitors come to Kuwait to get a real sense of the area, getting to see the authenticity of daily life lived in a culture different to their own. Make time to visit some of the country’s many museums, as well as the landmark that is the Kuwait Towers.


Fast-paced city life is what Dubai is most famous for, and many tourists come to the city to see how ‘the other half live.’ The area’s wealth has resulted in displays of luxury rarely seen outside of the city limits – from the world’s tallest building to the man-made Palm Islands and World Islands, Dubai truly is a city of extravagance. The city is also renowned across the globe for its shopping facilities. From the high-end designer stores found amongst the skyscrapers of the city centre to the bustling markets and Souks, Dubai is a shopaholic’s paradise.

Travelling with Compassion

While these three countries may be full of delights and wonders for tourists to enjoy, other parts of the Middle East are struggling to deal with the effects of conflict and poverty. Countries such as Syria, in particular, have been hit especially hard by recent events. As we approach the religious holiday of Ramadan, a Syria charity appeal can really help to feed the hungry and improve the lives of these disadvantaged people. Travelling within the Middle East requires empathy and compassion; the discerning tourist will appreciate the beauty of the region while understanding the struggles of its people.

Without a doubt, the Middle East is a region filled with hidden gems and cultural treasures – with so much to explore, you’ll find yourself wanting to visit again and again!